Take advantage of our resources to engage your schools and your communities in the important national campaign – Redefining Ready! 

Our campaign seeks to equip school administrators with the necessary resources to easily implement the new college and career readiness metrics at high schools across the nation.  We have also created sample resolutions to help education advocates and government leaders support our initiative.

Email RedefiningReady@aasa.org if you have resources you would like to share!

Redefining Ready! Summary Booklet
This summary outlines the mission and belief behind Redefining Ready!, the metrics used to redefine College, Career and Life readiness, and the research behind each of those metrics that points to postsecondary success.

Sample Redefining Ready! Report Card
Download the sample Redefining Ready! Report Card developed by Township High School District 214, which helps track readiness at the district level in line with Redefining Ready! indicators.

Sample Redefining Ready! Dashboard
Download the sample Redefining Ready! Dashboard developed by Township High School District 214, which provides a snapshot of growth across the Redefining Ready! benchmarks and broadly tracks College, Career and Life readiness.

Career Pathways Guide
Download the Career Pathways Booklet developed by Township High School District 214 which aligns curriculum, extra-curricular opportunities and external career learning experiences to 16 nationally recognized career clusters. The guide is used by all D214 students as a roadmap to begin self-identifying and preparing for their post-secondary goals.

Contact Patrick Mogge at Patrick.Mogge@d214.org if you are interested in adapting the Dashboard, Report Card, Summary Booklet and the Career Pathways Guide for your district or need additional resources.

Sample Board of Education Resolution
Download and modify a sample Board of Education Resolution to adopt the framework of multiple readiness indicators proposed in the Redefining Ready! campaign to more accurately assess students’ readiness to succeed in college, career and life.

Sample Higher Education Statement of Support
Download and modify a sample Higher Education Statement of Support.

Sample Municipal Resolution
Download the sample Municipal Resolution for local village, city, or township governments to show community support for their schools and the Redefining Ready! campaign.

Sample Legislative Resolution
Download the sample Legislative Resolution and encourage your state House and Senate to support the Redefining Ready! campaign at the state level.

Sample Legislative Policy
Download a sample legislative policy to help guide implementation in your state.