About the AASA Redefining Ready! Cohort

The cohort, made up of more than 30 school districts from around the nation, aims to spread Redefining Ready!'s mission.  The cohort is designed to help participants network and learn how to implement Redefining Ready! within their own school districts. 

The group is co-lead by Dr. David Schuler, Superintendent of Township High School District 214 and Past AASA President, and Dr. Mort Sherman, AASA Associate Executive Director. 

Join Us

For more information about joining the cohort, please contact redefiningready@aasa.org, visit www.aasa.org, or fill out a cohort application

The current Redefining Ready! Cohort Meeting #3 will be held as a breakfast before the National Conference on Education in Nashville, TN on Thursday, February 15. 

The 2018-2019 cohort year will begin April 1, 2018 with the first meeting to be held April 23-24, 2018, in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Specific dates and location for the fall meeting will be sent to cohort members. 

Redefining Ready! Cohort Meeting #1, April 2017

For the 2017-18 cohort's first meeting in April, school district leaders from 12 states visited Township High School District 214 in Arlington Heights, IL to see Redefining Ready! in action.


Redefining Ready! Cohort Meeting #2, September 2017