The Redefining Ready! National Scholarship 2017

The Redefining Ready! National Scholarship 2017 lets America's graduating seniors tell the world how they are college, career and life ready beyond a single test score. Examples include completion of an internship, AP or dual credit classes while in high school; near-perfect attendance; or participation in clubs, sports and school activities. The story must be told via a 30-second video posted online.

This opportunity is brought to you by Hobsons, and it is only open to high school graduating seniors.

Scholarships will be awarded in the following categories:

  • One (1) National First Place Winner ($5,000)
  • One (1) National Runner-Up ($4,000)
  • Seven (7) Regional Winners, representing each AASA region ($2,000)
  • Seven (7) Regional Runner-Ups, representing each AASA region ($1,000)

Scholarship Application Link

Click here for application:  2017 National Redefining Ready! Scholarship Application

Important Dates

  • Deadline for entry is Monday, May 22. 
  • Winners will be announced in July.

Scholarship Criteria

Application materials must include one 30-second video posted to Twitter and uploaded to our official scholarship entry portal, and a 250-word answer to the prompt, "Explain why you know you are college, career and life ready and how that has shaped your postsecondary plans." 

Winners will be determined by an AASA-selected committee based on the 30-second video entry and 250-word essay. Creativity counts, but so does honest, genuine content. 

We want to know your story. Make sure your message is clear and effectively illustrates the Redefining Ready! movement.

Redefining Ready! criteria can include:

  • 2.8 minimum GPA
  • 3+ score on an AP exam
  • Completion of AP or dual-credit classes
  • Completion of Algebra II
  • Completion of an industry credential
  • Identification of a career pathway
  • Participation in a workplace learning experience (internship program)
  • 2+ organized co-curricular activities
  • 25+ community service hours
  • 90 percent attendance

For more on the Redefining Ready! movement and full metrics, see College Ready or Career Ready indicators.